Testimonials & Results

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“I love Food for fuel, FFF has changed my life for the better. I have learned that I wasn’t eating enough for being a weightlifter, which at first was a weird change, but everyone who runs FFF is so good at their job because they are patient with their clients and are very knowledgeable. Thank you guys, I also like the fact I can look in the mirror and look cool too, that’s an added bonus.”

-Zach H.


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“Working with Food For Fuel has made a major positive impact in my life.As a professional athlete, proper nutrition and fueling is the difference between the top step of the podium and not placing at all. FFF has helped me dial in my nutrition so my energy level is solid all day, not just when I’m training, but when I’m coaching, playing with my son, or kicking back and relaxing. The ladies at FFF have also helped me fuel better for life, which has made my everyday responsibilities and tasks more enjoyable and gives me the opportunity to  take on more.

When I speak to others about FFF, the one thing that I am quick to state is the amount of care and attention they pay to you and your goals. They take you seriously,and respect your goals. They are honest and upfront about the work entailed and are very detailed about helping you reach your goals. I’m so thankful to have them in my life.”

-Guy Petruzzelli



Jeremy has been working with FFF since March and since then, he has lost 22lbs, putting him into a new, lower weight class for Olympic Weightlifting. His original goal was to lose fat while staying in the 94kg weight class, but after he continued to lose fat and build muscle, his body weight stayed steady near 85kg with increased calories and his lifts were increasing. With his weightlifting coaches agreement, we decided to keep Jeremy in the 85kg class to make him more competitive. He has since competed in several meets as an 85kg and is continuing to hit PRs!

-Jeremy Perez


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This client came to us because she wanted some extra help leaning out. With her dedication to the program, she went from 151lbs down to 138lbs in 3 months! We are now working with her to slowly add on some muscle mass to help build up her tall frame and to push the weights in the gym!


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“I wanted to show what a year of macro counting can do. Most results we show are after a few months, but when you dedicate yourself to a lifestyle change, big changes happen. The left was at 61.8kg and the right is 63.2kg. A year of tracking (with some mishaps and time off in between) and weight training and I was able to lose fat and add muscle. As a coach, I wanted to share my journey with FFF so that everyone knows that 1.) the coaches follow the methods that we give you, 2.) we all have bumps in the road but never giving up will pay off and 3.) the scale doesn’t always matter. A 3lb difference from left to right and I would much rather be heavier with muscle than lighter with fat!”

-Coach Amanda


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Eric wanted to follow the Dolce Diet’s 3 Weeks to Shredded method and with the help of his Food For Fuel macro coach, he was able to cut 16lbs in 19 days! This is the newest of the Food For Fuel options and is used for quick cuts for sports, or for aesthetic reasons. Reverse dieting is then introduced to increase lean muscle mass while keeping overall body fat % down.


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Sponsored athlete, Haley Kopach, started working with us to improve her athletic performance while maintaining body weight with a leaner body composition. She is a competitive CrossFitter and a -58kg Olympic Weightlifter, so staying lean and as strong as possible within her weight class is of the utmost importance. Within a month, were able to increase her calories leading up to the 2017 National Junior Weightlifting Championships to help fuel her muscles and then through a very easy cut, she not only made weight, she PRd her lifts, took 3rd in her division, and qualified for the 2017 National University Championship. Keep an eye out for this one!



“I loved my FFF experience! The biggest take aways for me were 1. learning how much more food I had to put in my body to properly fuel my workouts and 2. Making the switch to focus on eating clean, healthy foods while still enjoying treats that I love. As a runner/marathoner, I saw some huge improvements not only in my body, but in both my half marathon and marathon times without making any changes to my workouts. I felt energized and lean throughout my training.”




“I have been an avid runner and triathlete for about 8 years now. While I have always eaten relatively healthy because of my active lifestyle, I never really gave food too much thought. When Dana and Amanda approached me about the idea of using Food for Fuel and macros (what the heck was that?), I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot. Without changing a single workout, I watched my body transform and become leaner over the course of several months. I felt better, my stomach was upset less often, and my workouts felt stronger. I always felt full, despite my long workouts for Ironman 70.3 training. Honestly, it also gave me the flexibility with my food to make choices, unlike most diets that I’ve tried; ultimately, I didn’t have to eliminate my favorite foods, just had to tweak my meals. Amanda and Dana were always there to give advice, answer questions, and present the group with a new challenge. Additionally, the FFF community was supportive during the entire journey; we shared recipes and cheered each other on throughout each others’ races. I know at first the planning and the prepping might seem overwhelming and impossible, but stick with it; It gets easier and the  journey is worth it.”

-E. S.


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After only a few months working with FFF, this client dropped 10lbs, started sleeping better, his energy levels became more normal, and he was crushing his workouts! Best of all, he is reaching his goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to stay active with his kids!



This guy right here lost nearly a pound a week and shown are his results after dropping 9lbs. He lost body fat as his energy and muscle mass increased! He is the epitome of a flexible dieter and made it a point to keep his favorite foods and drinks as a part of his diet.



This FFF client’s results speak for themselves! He was able to use the principles of the program to make the best food choices to properly fuel his body for his workouts and to get these lean body composition results! A great example of what flexible dieting can do for you!