Pre & Postpartum Training

As new moms, Coaches Amanda and Dana saw the need for a quality training program that will keep pregnant and postpartum women safe. This remote Pre & Postpartum Training Program is broken down into four parts and is partially customized — you will receive our general guidelines for safe exercise during each trimester and postpartum, and then we will program up to three days per week of exercise based on what is appropriate for you at that time.

If you are joining half way through pregnancy or have already had your baby, we still highly recommend this program, as the lessons from each section will transfer into each subsequent phase. In other words, the breathing exercises learned in the first trimester are necessary for postpartum!

$199 includes:

  • Four part program with detailed guidelines for safe and effective exercise during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Customized¬†3x/week personal training program that takes into consideration what stage of pregnancy/postpartum you are in
  • Four scheduled check ins to assess progress
  • Unlimited online support from certified coaches