Vital Proteins


We are very excited and thankful to say that we are teaming up with Vital Proteins to give your body the best nourishment it can get! Vital Proteins’ collagen products have a plethora of benefits including the maintenance of muscle tissues, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. It also does incredible things for you hair and skin! Whether it’s longevity, improving your fitness, or natural beauty that you’re after, Vital Proteins has it all! #stayvital

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed when taking Collagen Peptides regularly is that I wasn’t as sore from working out and my joints weren’t as achy. My skin has actually gotten better, my hair and nails are stronger, AND it helps prevent wrinkles! It mixes easily into anything; no taste, no grittiness. I love adding Collagen Peptides, along with MCT oil, into my morning coffee. It helps keep me full for a while and I know I’m giving my body protein that has so many great qualities.” -Coach Dana

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