Meal Prep Recipe: Breakfast Casserole

Let’s face it. Life gets busy, we hit snooze one too many times, the kids need to get ready for school… mornings can be rough! And sometimes, breakfast gets pushed to the wayside.

Here at Food For Fuel, we’re big believers in prepping our meals – ALL of them. If you find that you’re skipping breakfast because you’re just too busy in the morning, here’s something you can whip up ahead of time – it’s packed with lots of protein and earth-grown nutrients to fuel the start of your day!

I make this breakfast casserole every week. You can fill it with whatever protein and veggies you’d like, but here’s my go-to.

What you’ll need (for my version):
• 9×13 baking dish
(I use a clear Pyrex so I can see through it… helps to know when the eggs are cooked all the way through!)
1 pound ground turkey (93/7)
12 eggs, beaten (go for egg whites if you’re looking to lower the fat!)
3 cups spinach or kale, sautéed
• 2 medium bell peppers, chopped into small pieces
I’ve also used chopped onion, mushrooms, tomatoes… any veggies will do! LOAD IT UP!


What to do:
1) Brown your ground turkey and mash it up into small pieces. Usually we will drain out the excess fat if it’s a bit too soggy in the skillet!
2) If you haven’t already, sauté your spinach or kale. If you leave them raw, they won’t mix well into the casserole.
3) Prep your veggies and whisk those eggs!
4) Spray your baking dish really well. I’ve found that non-stick olive oil spray works the best. If you don’t use spray, the casserole will stick. Trust me… I’ve been there.
5) Combine your turkey, veggies and spinach in the dish. Mix ’em up realllll good so you get a variety in each piece!
6) Pour your eggs over the mixture and make sure it spreads evenly throughout the dish.


7) Pop that sucker in a 400 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes! Times may vary, which is why I keep an eye on it through the clear dish. If it looks like you’ve got a lot of runny eggs on the top still, it’s not done yet.
8) Once it’s done, take it out and let it cool before cutting. I’ll slice mine into 12 equal pieces before storing it in the fridge!


If you make this according to my recipe, each slice will have (approximately) these calories and macros:
135 calories | 14 protein | 2 carbs | 8 fat

We love to have a slice or two for breakfast with some avocado and hot sauce. Throw in a piece of sprouted grain toast and you’ve got yourself a super well-balanced breakfast!



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