Getting back on the wagon

You’ve had a picture-perfect day: lots of protein, healthy fats, good carbs, … you’re feeling great.

Then dinner rolls around – your family is having PIZZA. (Dun dun dun…)

“Okay, just one piece,” you say.

One piece turns into two.

Two pieces turn into five.

You wash it down with a beer.

Then… the guilt starts to set in.

“I just ruined all my progress!”

Guess what? NO YOU DIDN’T.


Flip it around – will one healthy meal a week help you lose weight? No.

So what makes you think that one not-so-healthy meal will make you gain it all back?

Sure, you might wake up and weigh a few more pounds. Don’t worry – you didn’t gain 3 pounds of fat overnight! That’s water weight. Pizza and other junk foods are often very high in sodium, which means your body will retain more water than usual. Once you get back to your routine, you’ll naturally flush all that out. It’s a miracle – you’re back to your original weight BEFORE pizzageddon!

We’ve all been there – upset, ashamed and/or full of regret after demolishing that “cheat meal”.

Instead of letting it ruin your mood, work on changing your mindset. It happened – it’s over – tomorrow is a new day! It’s a new chance to get back on track and refocus on your goals!

As long as you don’t make five slices of pizza a nightly thing, your body will bounce right back. Making a change in your weight and body composition is all about consistency. When you fill your everyday meals with earth-grown nutrients, indulging every once in a while won’t set you back!You just CAN’T QUIT.


Sure, we may be nutrition coaches, but we’re real people too! We eat pizza, go out for drinks and eat cake at birthday parties – but those are special occasions. Otherwise, we practice what we preach – and that’s the importance of earth-grown nutrients!

We at Food For Fuel can help you find a healthy balance, just like we have. It IS possible to have a great social life while working towards your goals! Contact us for more information on our personalized nutrition coaching programs!


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