Reading Labels

Nutrition-Label (1)

It’s time for an activity – grab something from your pantry or fridge with a nutrition label. Go on, we’ll wait.

Everyone has those staple items they keep in their pantry or fridge at all times. When was the last time you took a few seconds to read the nutrition labels on that stuff? Chances are, you just throw it in your cart and move along.

Here at Food For Fuel, we’re all about teaching our clients the skills they need to make informed decisions before food and drinks make it into their homes.

Okay, back to that nutrition label. Check out the serving size – can you picture what 55 grams is? How about 3 ounces? 2/3 cup? Take your item and portion out whatever a serving is… then compare it to what you usually have. Most of the time, we’re consuming wayyyyy more than we think we are!

If you DO check out food labels every once in a while, your eyes probably shoot right to the calories. That’s great! But… what IS a calorie, exactly? Calories are units of energy – and humans need energy to function! Sounds like a no-brainer. Yet, most humans are drained, stressed, overworked and sluggish. We need to make sure our units of energy are coming from good, nutrient-rich foods! One single can of Pepsi has the same amount of calories as FIVE CUPS of broccoli. Which one do you think will provide you with more nutrients?

Now, scan down and check out the list of ingredients. Is the food you chose full of stuff you can’t pronounce? Most of those ingredients are processed in a lab to “enhance” your food and make it last months – or years – on store shelves. We’d prefer you take in the real stuff that expires before your next birthday.

When it comes to nutrition labels, there’s so much more to be covered. Is 46g too many carbohydrates? How does this Diet Coke taste so sweet if there are zero calories? What the heck is monounsaturated fat?! We can talk about this stuff for days.

Want to learn more? Contact us for information on personalized nutrition coaching so YOU can master the foundations of a healthy diet and lifestyle. We’re not about quick fixes or fad diets – we’ll teach you how to better your nutrition for LIFE!


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