Food Journaling

food journal

“I know what I need to do… I just can’t stay on track.”

If you’ve ever said this before, you’re not alone. But we have one question for you.

…Do you REALLY know what you need to do?!

Think about all of the things you eat, drink and do on a daily basis. Can you remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday? Probably not. For a lot of people, as life becomes busier, quality food becomes less important.

That’s why we’re here. To help you gain control of your health and happiness in this hectic, stressful world.

When we work with clients, our first step as coaches is to see what you’re already doing, then look for ways to improve. That’s where food journaling comes in.

YES – we know life is busy – and the last thing you probably want to do is write down everything you’re eating.

BUT – take a step back and ask yourself this – whatever you’re doing right now… is it working?

Give it a shot – find a notebook, start a new document on your phone or computer, download a food-logging app – whatever it takes to get you to start journaling! And we’re not talking about one or two days – be consistent for at least a few weeks! You’ll start to see patterns that may be setting you further away from your goals.

From our experience, the simple act of journaling usually leads to a few pounds lost, because our clients are finally giving more thought into what goes into their bodies everyday. Crazy, right?!

There’s a lot more where this came from – food journaling is just the first step! Are you looking for help with weight loss? Muscle gain? Just want someone to keep you accountable? Reach out to us – here at Food For Fuel, we’re REAL coaches who tailor our program to YOU.


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