Athlete Testimonial: Coach Ryann


Coach Ryann: Left 164lbs, Right 153lbs

We knew Ryann was going to be a great client to work with, but little did we know that today, she would be a part of the FFF coaching team! We are so thrilled to have her with us and wanted to share with you what she has to say about her journey as a Food For Fuel Athlete…

“As a personal trainer, I help people achieve their fitness and health goals everyday. In April 2017, I did the Whole30 program to show my clients just how important nutrition is! I lost 8 pounds in just a month, but I was eating very low calorie meals which left me absolutely drained of energy. Sure, I lost a few pounds, but I was miserable without the foods I love!

I started Food For Fuel a few months later, and THAT’s when I really started to see results! I’ve been doing CrossFit for years and have increased my strength and stamina, but I hadn’t really seen my body change the way I wanted to. I’m not only the leanest I’ve ever been… I’m WAY stronger because of proper nutrition! (Plus, I’m eating MORE than ever!) I feel great, I’m lifting heavier weights and I just counted more abs than I ever have before! I guess I always thought I wasn’t made to have a six-pack. FFF proved me WRONG!

Food For Fuel has changed my life in SO many ways. I’m getting married in September and can’t wait to rock my wedding dress! (And my bikini on our honeymoon!) Now that I’m also a certified nutrition coach, I’m a part of the Food For Fuel team! We practice what we preach, people! I’ll never go back to my old ways of eating. This is knowledge and motivation you can carry on with you through the rest of your life.

 If you’re on the fence about starting, DO IT. Take charge of your health! I’m so glad I did.”

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